On August 6th, the first Republican debate will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. However, not all Republican contenders will be invited. Despite an extraordinarily well qualified field, Fox News announced it would only extend 10 invitations to debate on stage. Making the cut would be determined by a subjective review of the RealClearPolitics average of recent national polls at the time of the debate. This is outrageous! It’s wrong. And it’s arbitrary.

How could any legitimate debate exclude at least two successful sitting governors who have both been re-elected in their states? How could a party trying to be more inclusive, exclude a talented female candidate who is the most articulate voice against Hillary Clinton’s record of deceit? How could Fox News invite some candidates but not others whose poll numbers are all within fractions of one percent… for an election that is more than one year away?

Tell Reince Priebus, Roger Ailes, and the Republican Establishment to “Let Them Debate!”

At stake is the presidency of the United States. America is at a crossroads. The nation is struggling, the economy is sputtering, and Americans face threats both foreign and domestic. The Obama presidency has failed and now is the time for Americans to decide who they want to lead them forward. Only an open, fair, and thorough series of debates will allow Americans to make an informed decision. Let them debate!

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